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We Luv Dark Beauties…

…and we want to show you basic techniques to achieve flawless makeup for dark skin – you won’t find in many African American makeup tutorials!
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Tricks We  Use In Creating Flawless Dark Skin Makeup Looks

Makeup can be very simple although the selection of tones for each type of skin is one of the points that we should pay attention to get the most out of our work.

Interestingly, makeup for dark skin tones requires a different approach than other skin types. Finding the right makeup products and shade is key, as well as learning a few tricks to keep the skin soft and those products to your gorgeous tone.


Unfortunately, women with dark skin often have difficulty finding products that are ideal for African American makeup. That is because many foundations do not have shades dark enough to complement certain skin tones. Another problem is that many conventional colors do not look as bright, as is intended when applying makeup for dark skin tones.


However, there are some companies, which specialize in creating products that are designed for African American skin type and their varied textures. These brands use information on skin chemistry to create solutions for women of darker color.


The foundation shades, eyeliners, eye shadows, blush, and lipstick that fit for a brunette woman will vary from individual to individual. However, there are some general colors and tones that tend to favor this type of skins. And most importantly some basic rules to follow if you’re going choose the right products and apply them.


What works?

Sometimes it also happens that we already have good products but we do not apply them in the right way, which is frustrating. If this happens to you, don’t worry: because we’ve put together the very best information which includes tips and tricks from professional makeup artists, that will guide us in this experience as we do our makeup for dark skin.


The best part? It’s a simple, 10-step actionable guide that will help you achieve a flawless African American Makeup Look.!

In this guide, you will discover what the ideal tones are and the best makeup products and techniques required for an elegant, striking and natural dark skin makeup look for any occasion!


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